Interpreting Services from IBS

Dolmetscher-Service Interpreting Services

With IBS you can also overcome language barriers in live situations. Our interpreters make sure you are heard around the world. 

"We are the oil that keeps the engine running." (Unnamed EU interpreter) 

Our certified interpreters have seen and done it all: whether at conferences, symposia, congresses, exhibitions, shareholders' meetings, business meetings, training courses, in court, before the police, at interviews or medical examinations. IBS has the right language professional for your specific personal requirements - on location or by telephone or video link.

There are no limits to the subject areas we cover. Our verified specialist interpreters have at least 5 years of professional experience, are specialised in the different subject areas and keep themselves constantly up to date through the relevant media.

Interpreting by telephone

All you need is a telephone - we do the rest. Our professionals have the ability to make live discussions understandable to both sides on the telephone in more than 30 languages. As a result, your meetings are just as productive and successful as if they were held in your own native language! Because not only do our certified interpreters have the linguistic knowledge, they also possess excellent interactive skills, always strike the right note and make your concerns their own. 

Since interpreting is a matter of trust, we maintain strict security and quality standards. On request, we also record the telephone calls, transcribe them and provide you with everything that was said in black and white.

Interpreting by video link

This type of interpreting works in just the same way as a telephone conversation. All you need is the right equipment. Whether by videophone, PC, MAC or an iOS or Android video application: any dialogue can be set up as a video conference at the touch of a button. Not only do we provide you with the right interpreter for your individual needs, we are also pleased to advise you about the technical options so that you can concentrate fully on your important discussions.

Interpreting on location

Whether simultaneous or consecutive, in large conference halls or small meeting rooms: if you need help at your side to follow the explanations of a foreign interlocutor or you want to get your point over in a foreign language, use an IBS interpreter. We provide highly trained, certified language professionals who are qualified to work in your specialist field and to meet your specific needs. Our colleagues can interpret live conversations on location in more than 30 languages, thus ensuring that you make yourself understood in all professional and private matters! Not only do our certified interpreters possess the linguistic knowledge, however, they also have excellent interactive skills, always strike the right note and make your concerns their own.

Consecutive interpreting: This form of interpreting is cost effective and is often used by our customers for easily understandable conversations. No technical equipment is required for this purpose. Specifically, this means that, in general, the interlocutors speak one by one (consecutively). The interpreter reproduces each individual contribution to the discussion in the relevant language immediately after it has been delivered. The interpreter first allows the current speaker to finish while taking any necessary notes to ensure that no small detail of anything that was said is forgotten.

Simultaneous interpreting: Simultaneous interpreting is used to provide translations in real time. Wireless equipment is usually required for this purpose. This is arranged in accordance with the room space and the security level of the meeting. With the right technical equipment, listeners can follow the simultaneous interpreter in real time while observing the speaker and interact when necessary.

Simply contact us by phone, email or using our contact form. Just let us know your requirements - we will do the rest.