Pricing / Terms

Pricing terms

Translations must not only be good, they also have to provide value for money. That's why IBS generally agrees a price appropriate to the text in question. This depends on the size of the job, language, specialist subject area, degree of difficulty of the text and urgency. As a basis for calculation we use the so-called standard line of 53 characters. This guarantees that you only pay for whole lines and not individual expressions, in headings for example.

It works best if you send us the texts and documents to be translated (via the online form or by email or post). This allows us to gain a direct impression of the nature and scope of your job so that we can provide you with a quotation tailored specifically to your order. It goes without saying that we will adhere to your desired delivery date.

On request we will provide you with a quotation based on the number of words, because this form of calculation is becoming increasingly popular on the international market. Once again this is based on the respective language, specialist subject area, degree of difficulty of the text and the scope of the order.

The "Express" surcharge (30-100%) depends on the scope and urgency of your order.

Although other agencies advertise fixed prices, we distance ourselves from such offers. Without first having sight of the text to be translated, fixed word or line prices could work to the detriment of the customer. If flat rate prices are too low the customer must accept that the quality will suffer as a consequence.

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