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Software localisation

We understand IT and telecommunications from the ground up

IT and telecommunications are among the sectors of industry that are subject to constant and rapid change. Translations in this specialist field depend, in particular, on technical and linguistic skills as well as in-depth knowledge. IBS and its IT and telecommunications experts are therefore the perfect partner for translations in this field.

Due to the constant change in IT and telecommunications technologies, the language used in this sector is also changing incessantly. As far as translating technical standards is concerned, the professional translator can no longer cope. The complex technical innovations are so quickly obsolete that it is impossible for publishers to keep their technical dictionaries up to date. Our industry experts and translators who with the aid of many years of professional experience have gained special expertise and constantly monitor the market can deliver technically flawless and target group-oriented translations in this field.

Because the IBS experts understand the subject matter of the texts to be translated from the ground up and don't just translate from one language into another. Rather, these colleagues are qualified specialists who each have the necessary technical know-how to translate the most complex contextual content from the IT and telecommunications sector in a way that is linguistically adept, technically accurate and suitable for the target audience.

What's more, these colleagues also hold a dual qualification in languages and information technology / telecommunications, generally live in the country of the target language and translate exclusively into their mother tongue. As a result, we can guarantee the use of terminology that is both current and typical for the industry. IBS engages translators with a second qualification in the fields of information and data processing, communications engineering and transmission technology, information technology, telecommunications engineering and mathematics.

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