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"I am not omniscient; but I know a lot." (Goethe)

You can rely on us in every subject area - from A for Acupuncture to Z for Zoology. In the frequently requested areas of engineering, medicine, law, business and the economy, our translators are on home ground. But at IBS you will also find the right translator for specialist subjects. Even if the text is about the courtship behaviour of species of Brachyrhaphis or the latest research into previously unknown diseases: The IBS translators from the respective specialist fields carry out extensive research on your behalf, holding discussions with experts in the relevant discipline if necessary, until they are sure that they have understood unusual research topics or highly complex patent documents for themselves. Only then does the translation of your job take place.

Of course, no one is omniscient, including our translators. However, they do have in-depth knowledge in the respective disciplines and the technical skills that are necessary to deliver a professional result - even in tricky subject areas. Because an excellent translator is a balanced mix of language professional, technical expert and world-beating researcher. This combination not only proves its worth in special jobs; it also bears fruit in standard texts. A concrete example: Our translators in the field of power plant turbines naturally lag a little behind the engineers on site. In the final analysis, it is not we - the translators - who develop, renew and specify the terminology. But it is our task to bring ourselves up to date in the shortest possible time - no matter what the specialist field. This applies to all disciplines.

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