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Specialist translations

Specialist translations

Specialist translations in various fields according to DIN EN 15038 are among our core competences, such as law, the medical industry, software and also for technical documents such as patents, user manuals, and handbooks.

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Express translations

Express translations

IBS also works to tight deadlines - reliably, accurately and professionally. In business as in private life the unexpected is commonplace.

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Medical translations

Medical translations

Medical and pharmaceutical texts are translated by qualified translators with a second degree and at least 5 years of practical experience in the respective field.

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Use IT translations for your business

Given the speed at which the IT sector is changing, it is vital to stay up-to-date with new markets and international opportunities – and this is especially important when it comes to IT translations. From translating websites and marketing materials to localising software, IT translations can open up important international business opportunities by using professional and accurate translation services. When it comes to important technical material, it is essential that a business uses expert translation services. At IBS, we carefully select our translators from a wide range of nationalities who have a breadth of technical expertise – so you always have an expert doing your IT translations.

IT translations: the importance of language

The landscape of the IT and telecommunications industry is changing rapidly all the time, while language and technical terminology is also evolving and adapting with the market. With such an ever-changing sector, it is important for your translator to be an expert within the field of IT and telecommunications. What is relevant and important one week becomes obsolete and irrelevant the next, making it impossible for traditional publishers to keep their technical dictionaries up-to-date for IT translations. IBS uses industry experts and technical translators with many years experience to deliver technically flawless and group-orientated IT translations. What's more, our translators usually hold a qualification in both languages and information technology/telecommunications, and will usually live in the country of the target translation language.

The technical expertise behind IT translations

When it comes to in-depth, technical language and concepts, it is vital that IT translations are performed by expert technical translators. A mistranslation or the slightest error in an information technology/telecommunications text can have negative consequences for the overall understanding of the text. Without expert IT translations, the understanding of the text can be altered or totally lacking, and the slightest change can remove an important section of the work. With texts that are sensitive and more difficult to understand, it is essential that the translator understands the intricate terminologies or concepts in order to accurately complete the IT translation without its losing the impact and meaning.

IT translations: the knowledge and understanding of your text

The ability to translate accurately is of paramount importance, but the ability of the translator to understand the technical language and concepts of specific texts in the information/telecommunication sectors is equally important. The ability to understand complex technical content and to be able to process and gain an understanding of the text is often vital to IT translations. Our expert translators are able to perform background research in order to better understand the intricacies of a specific text, ultimately giving them the information needed to provide the best translation services possible.

IBS: specialist IT translations for your business

At IBS, we pride ourselves on the expert translation services we can provide for your business. When you need an important text translated, we want you to feel reassured that our services will provide you with the most comprehensive translation available, performed by our industry experts around the globe. To discover more about our translation services, contact IBS today.

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