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Specialist translations


Specialist translations in various fields according to DIN EN 15038 are among our core competences, such as law, the medical industry, software and also for technical documents such as patents, user manuals, and handbooks.

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Express translations


IBS also works to tight deadlines - reliably, accurately and professionally. In business as in private life the unexpected is commonplace.

We are prepared and at your side before an important issue gets out of hand.

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Medical translations

Medical translations

Medical and pharmaceutical texts are translated by qualified translators with a second degree and at least 5 years of practical experience in the respective field.

Your trust in our specialised translators will yield optimal results.

A translation website at your fingertips

Make website translation worries a thing of the past with a specalised translation service that you can trust. IBS is one of the leading translation agencies in Switzerland, and excels in the translation of technical, professional, legal and medical texts into over 30 languages. With a dedicated core team and a worldwide network of skilled translators at your fingertips you can rely on clear, accurate texts and websites every time. Find out more about how your company or business can benefit at, and enjoy all the advantages of a website translation service that is designed for today's fast paced world.

Take a look at to see how exceptional translation relates to you as a busy professional or as part of a modern company or business. IBS was founded by Jeanette Füchslin-Koops in 1992, and became a corporation by 1997. Jeanette Füchslin-Koops is herself a state certified translator, specialising in English and Spanish, and she is a member of both the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators and the Association of Translation Agencies. She has worked extensively in Spain, Mexico and England and is uniquely placed to appreciate the difficulties that businesses and individuals encounter today when faced with cultural misunderstandings.

With this in mind IBS are committed to providing you with a first class translation every time, no matter how difficult or problematic your text or document may be. No online software can compare with a real translation into the language you desire by a native speaker. In many instances, phrases or terms don't translate or are simply unacceptable, and this can be avoided and corrected thanks to a dedicated team that values transparency, accuracy and efficiency.

The right translator for your website

IBS boast a core team of 350 graduate translators as well as an extensive worldwide network of fully qualified local personnel, so you are always assured of an accurate, well written text. It is no longer enough to provide a basic or haphazard translation, and technical, legal and medical texts must be precise and exact at all times. Furthermore, they must read as if written in the language you require. This is particularly important in the case of legal texts, where errors can be costly and have serious long term effects.

All legal translators with IBS have a minimum of 5 years academic and professional experience, and are adept and skilled in the translation of complex terms and legal language. Technical manuals and handbooks also require a level of expertise and understanding that surpasses modern software, and at you can browse a range of specific services that can be tailored to meet your demands.

Our premium translation service

Make badly translated websites a thing of the past with a first class website translation service that you can trust. No matter how intricate or difficult your document, IBS are able to match you to a translator who can create a clear, concise text that adheres to your specific wishes and requirements.

IBS – for over 25 years your expert partner for foreign language texts

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