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Specialist translations


Specialist translations in various fields according to DIN EN 15038 are among our core competences, such as law, the medical industry, software and also for technical documents such as patents, user manuals, and handbooks.

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IBS also works to tight deadlines - reliably, accurately and professionally. In business as in private life the unexpected is commonplace.

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Medical translations

Medical translations

Medical and pharmaceutical texts are translated by qualified translators with a second degree and at least 5 years of practical experience in the respective field.

Your trust in our specialised translators will yield optimal results.

Our full service translation agency in Switzerland

Do you yearn for a translation agency in Switzerland that can handle legal, technical and medical papers? If you regularly work with documents that are highly technical or which are filled with complex legal or medical terms, you will understand how difficult it can be to have them translated accurately and efficiently. Your solution is at hand - IBS is an exceptional translation agency in Switzerland that offers a range of exclusive services that are geared to the needs of a discerning international client base. Take a look at today to see how you could benefit from translation that you can count on.

Take the stress out of transcreation with a leading translation agency in Switzerland

Founded in 1992 by Jeanette Füchslin-Koops and incorporated in 1997, IBS are one of the top Swiss translation agencies working today. With 350 fully qualified graduate translators and a network of thousands of skilled personnel in locations around the globe, IBS offer unique services in over 30 languages. The company is particularly capable when it comes to technical translations and can save you a considerable amount of time and effort.

Highly proficient professional translators make use of systems such as MemoQ, Trados, Déjà Vu and Transit whose archives contain frequently used terminology that is applicable in technical documents. Not only does the use of tools like this streamline the translation process, these TM's or Translation Memories ensure consistency and universal recognition even when dealing with multiple texts, projects or documents.

Avoid translation errors and save time and money

Perhaps you have important legal or medical documents which require translation. As a busy professional you want to be certain that each is absolutely correct. Failure to obtain a precise text can result in costly errors and have far reaching implications. Because all legal translators at this leading [strong]translation agency in Switzerland[/strong] have a minimum of five years professional and academic experience you can be sure of concise, clear text that adheres to strict guidelines and instructions every time. Having a first class translation saves you any additional or unplanned costs that may be incurred through inadvertent mistakes and translation errors.

With translators working in over 30 languages you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your document, manual, writ, handbook or notarised text is with a fully accredited and qualified native speaker. Take the professional approach to documents such as manuals or guides that you share with colleagues or associates in other parts of the world. IBS can effectively translate even the most technical procedures and you will benefit from the enhanced level of communication and accuracy that is a result of perfectly translated literature.

The translation agency of your choice

Accuracy, precision, and efficiency are vital elements in the translation of technical, legal and medical texts, and you can explore a range of solutions that are designed with your business in mind. No project is too small, too large or too complicated, and you can find out more about the specific services offered by this unique translation agency in Switzerland at today.

IBS – for over 25 years your expert partner for foreign language texts

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