Quality Assurance – DIN 17100

"The customer is king, quality is our job and "value for money" is our goal" 

Translations to the DIN Standard 

IBS delivers translation services in accordance with the stringent requirements of the European Standard DIN EN 17100. This is confirmed by our registration with DIN CERTCO (reg. no. 7U056).

"Four-eyes principle"

"If we do the little things right, success automatically follows." 

With the 4-eyes principle and the exclusive use of native speakers, IBS delivers top quality translations.

Our standards include the 4-eyes principle: your texts are processed exclusively by verified specialist translators with at least 5 years of professional experience. All translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue. A second specialist translator then checks the quality of the translation, compares the source and target texts and corrects the grammar and spelling while paying attention to consistency of terminology, stylistic subtleties, formal correctness and consistency of format and text layout, making the corresponding adjustments.

Six-eyes principle

"We make it our task to meet more demanding standards than those others set for us." 

At IBS, we use the 6-eyes principle to make sure that advertising copy, corporate brochures, multilingual websites and press releases get the right finishing touches.

Dotting the i's and crossing the t's: when we translate texts that have to meet particularly demanding standards, we go one step further to ensure that every last detail is perfect. Work that leaves our offices can go direct to print. We use the 6-eyes principle to guarantee this. Your text is translated and proofread in accordance with our stringent criteria. A further marketing expert, advertising specialist, journalist or communications professional who is well versed in your specific field of business adds the finishing linguistic touches. With IBS, your press releases and multilingual websites are in the best of hands!