Proofreading and Editing of External Translations


In addition to checking for spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, we subject external translations to an extremely thorough examination: IBS also closely inspects the content, paying attention to style, structure, terminology, consistency and textual weaknesses such as word repetitions, colloquial language etc. The general comprehensibility of texts is paramount and they are reviewed in accordance with the customer's requirements and the target audience.

IBS editors smooth out difficult-to-understand phrases, shorten complex sentences and eliminate textual inconsistencies. In addition, attention is paid to typographical refinements: whether misplaced hyphens, the correct use of quotation marks or non-breaking spaces. Our proofreaders work with eagle eye to correct all the small details that can slip through the net in the hustle and bustle of the translator's everyday life and are not picked up by automatic correction software.

IBS proofreading and editing at a glance:

  • Correction of spelling
  • Grammar check (incorrect conjugation / declension, word order, etc.)
  • Correction of punctuation
  • Review of terminology for uniformity and correctness 
  • Review of typographic features (quotation marks, hyphens, etc.)
  • Hyphenation check
  • Style check
  • Review of consistency of content
  • Adjustments in accordance with the language of the target audience

Anyone who is employed by IBS has to meet high standards. We do not expect foreign language skills alone. Our translators and proofreaders must be able to write in a way that is suitable for their target subject areas and have a command of grammar and spelling. They are skilled in adhering to terminology and conversant with the widest variety of application programs. 

All colleagues have at least 5 years of professional experience, specific sectoral and extensive general knowledge. For particularly demanding texts, we engage copywriters, journalists and PR professionals who add the required finishing touches. 

Proofreading of external translations is charged on the basis of the time expended. We usually process orders with up to 20 pages within 48 hours. We also find the right solution for your larger texts that need to be processed quickly - including guarantee!

Simply contact us by phone or e-mail, or use our online enquiry form. Just tell us your desired deadline - we will do the rest.

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