Translation by Native Speakers

Native speakers

Sustainable Expertise and Quality Control

"Expertise is the only guarantee of true quality." 

IBS is your competent partner for all foreign language matters. Not only do we translate one language into another; we also use professional techniques to guarantee measurable quality.

We expect translators who meet our high standards to be more than foreign language experts. They must be able to write in a way that is suitable for the target audience and have a command of grammar and spelling. What's more, our experts are well aware that each type of text requires an appropriate writing style, that terminology has to be observed and that technical skills in handling a variety of software programs are among their most important tools.

Our translators keep themselves up to date in their specialist fields through regular training in order to deliver the level of expertise you demand.

Translating technical texts is an art - and art has a great deal to do with expertise. That's why we only entrust your specialist texts to experts in the field with an academic background who have already earned their spurs in their specialist areas.

As part of our in-house quality checks we also carry out regular spot checks. For this purpose we examine the feedback from our customers and the appraisals of the proofreaders and marketing experts who add the finishing touches to our texts. Only by doing so can we be sure who is the right translator for your job.